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Extract data, present information ... with Office Based Reporting

Our modern information systems produce a huge amount of data. Out of this dump of data we have to extract decision-relevant information. This extraction mostly results in the creation of a report. Construct sophisticated reports , to meet your decisions, with ubion.ORS, the Office Based Reporting Software. Find the way to your data with ubion.ORS and the IOn corporation.

Out now

ubion.ORS at a glance

  • design of templates with the office software

  • templates in the OpenDocument Format of OASIS

  • manifold report output formats

  • comprehensive data connectivity (Databases, XML ...)

  • Visual Query Composer

  • Online Data Integration (Data integration without ETL and DWH)

Established basis... and Eclipse

Have a lead over your competitors, based on the quality ubion offers you. ubion.ORS consequently uses established base components. Benefit from the symbiosis of some of the most popular, contemporary open source projects: and Eclipse. Come in touch with the multifaceted world of Eclipse plugins with ubion.ORS.

Templates for reports... with the office software

Do not waste your invaluable time with proprietary and bulky report systems. Increase the acceptance of your reporting. Design your report templates with ubion.ORS on the basis of the free office software Break your fetters and just try to push over the limitations of creativity, create reports of quality never seen before. Use the considerable design and layout capabilities of the powerful office software 2.1 which is better than ever before.



PDF, HTML... or preferably RTF?

Do not restrict your report output formats to PDF or HTML, rather create your reports in the formats DOC, DocBook, Aportis, etc.. As a matter of course you can generate all of these formats at once.

Data connectivity ... without limitations

Do not let yourself be restricted in the choice of data sources. With ubion.ORS you can access a manifold of data sources. Be it database or XML document, with ubion.ORS you will get your data. Even if the needed data source is presently not configured you can easily provide indiviual new connectors to the apropriate source on the foundation of a flexible architecture.

Data selection made easy... with the Visual Query Composer

Do not bother with different query languages of your data sources any more. Apply Occam's razor. With the Visual Query Composer of ubion.ORS you can design the data of your report in a visual way, independent from the language of your data source. If needed you can, for sure, launch XQuery and SQL queries in ubion.ORS.

Visual Query Composer

Data integration... without ETL and DWH

Abandon expensive and heavy weight Data Warehouse projects. Integrate your data without complex ETL solutions. Increase your data timeliness. Integrate your data on-the-fly with the lightweight ubion.ORS Online Data Integration technology. Abandon the inflexible structures of a Data Warehouse and tap your operative systems directly.

Future-proofed... with Open Document Format

Create your template with the future-proofed XML based Open Document Format of OASIS.

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